MycroCaps Sample Packs

At MycroCaps, our goal is for microdosing to become a regular component of your health and wellness regimen. We offer sample microdosing packs that allow you to try microdosing before starting a regular program.

Sample packs are $19.99 (including shipping) and come with a (2) day trial dose of our premium microdosing supplement shipped directly to your door. Order sample packs for yourself and/or family, friends and colleagues.

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MycroCaps - Sample Pack

MycroCaps - Sample Pack

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MycroCaps Samples Packs

MycroCaps blends the highest quality medicinal and functional mushrooms to create an exceptional microdosing experience.

  • Includes (2) Day Trial Dose - (4) MycroCaps Capsules

Try MycroCaps today and discover the benefits of microdosing.

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